Python Course : Learn Python Programming, MongoDB, Django

Python Course : Learn Python Programming, MongoDB, Django

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If you really want to learn how to oakley outlet code Python, MongoDB, Django this is the course for you!
Course Description

This course covers the basics of Python programming language and introduces how to use Python with the technologies introduced in this course.


Main topics to be introduced in this course as follows:

1- Basics of Python Programming Language

2- Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Garbage Collection

3- File Processing

4- Python with SQLite

5- Python for XML Related Tasks


7- Django

8- Cloud Computing & MongoDB

9- Tkinter

10- How To Use Python For Other Technologies, such as PIL and wxPython


Very importantly, this course does not only cover the basics of Python, but also introduces how to use Python for several tasks including graphical user interface, web, database, cloud computing etc. So, you will see where to start for other technologies and you will enjoy to see the result.

You don’t need to be developer to take this course. The use of Python will make your computations or the development of the tools which you need to implement quite fast and easy.

What are the requirements?
Internet connection
Essential computer skills.
Passion to learn coding with Python.
Passion to learn how to use Python with the popular technologies introduced in this fake ray bans course.
What Cheap Jerseys from china am I going to get from this course?
The basics of Python programming language by examples.
Object-oriented programming concept (OOP).
Classes, objects, inheritance, garbage collection.
Basic introduction on MongoDB which will help you start coding for Big Data databases and cloud computing.
Simplified introduction on how to start with Django.
Basic web languages (HTML, CSS)
Introduction to image processing with Python and PIL.
Introduction to code for graphical user interface with Python, Tkinter and wxPython.
Basic introduction for XML and how to use Python for XML related tasks.
Introduction for how to use Python for file processing.
Introduction to SQLite.

Who is the target audience?
Everybody who has essential computer skills with passion to learn programming with Python
College students
Course instructors
Engineers, scientists, analysts, researchers, students
Analysts who need to implement programs for specific computational tasks
IT specialists
QA members
Software developers
Software architects
Web developer

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