Passive Income: Work Now, Earn On and On

Passive Income: Work Now, Earn On and On

Before the Internet, the only way to generate passive income was through residual options such as writing a book, making music or investments. The Internet changed that. Now you can build passive income using web-based systems day after day, while you sleep, play with the kids or travel the world. Creating passive income involves work to create and set up the system, but once it’s up and running, your efforts greatly decrease.

That’s not to say you don’t do any work once your passive income stream is set up. Instead, your work involves maintaining the system and marketing. In Earn Passive Income Through an Email Course, I outline what it takes to write a course, build a sales and thank you page, set up course delivery through an email system, and adding payment processing. All this takes a fair amount of effort, but once it’s in place, all you need to do is market your course. The website will sell it, the payment processor will collect the money and send the buyer to the course, and the email system will deliver the course. I’ve created 9 email courses, all running on their own. All I do is tell people about them. If you’re looking for ways to add to your income stream without trading hours for dollars, you should check out passive income options such as email courses.

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